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The “WADmembers” list is a great way to communicate quickly and easily with our subscribed W.A.D. members regarding business work assistance requests and case work/assignments.


By sending an E-mail message to [email protected], your message will be sent to all subscribers. The “WADmembers” list is for the exclusive use of the World Association of Detectives active members.


The “WADmembers” list is the property of the World Association of Detectives. The “WADmembers” list is one of the privileges of WAD membership and is subject to the following “Rules and Guidelines”. Its use is a privilege, not a right of membership. To participate in the “WADmembers” list you must abide by the group list “Rules and Guidelines”. These rules have been produced to provide all users of the “WADmembers” list with a set of compliance rules.








  • E-mails to the “WADmembers” list should be sent only to our email address and must not be addressed or copied to any other e-mail addresses or group lists at the same time.


  • You must only send e-mails to the “WADmembers” list using the same e-mail as the one that you have for your e-mail address on the W.A.D. website directory.


  • Only members are permitted to post, do not post anything “on behalf‟ of somebody else.


  • E-mails must be in the English language.


  • You must complete the subject line of each e-mail sent to the “WADmembers” list.


  • You must end each message with your full signature, to include:

a)    Full name.

b)    Agency name.

c)    Mailing address.

d)    Telephone number, including international code.

e)    Fax number, including international code.

f)   E-mail address.

g)   Website address, where applicable.


  • State clearly and concisely the subject of your posting in the Header/Subject Line.


  • Only include the relevant portions of the original message in your response and put your response before the last/original posting.


  • Post a message to the “WADmembers” list if it contains information that everyone can benefit from.


  • To be sure of reaching everyone on the “WADmembers” list, it is best to send your messages in plain text. This is because some of our members have their e-mail software set to reject messages in HTML or transform them to text only, which sometimes losses format.


  • Responses are configured to be sent only to the original sender and not to the entire list.


  • “WADmembers” list is not a chat room. You must not post questions, concerns or comments about Association matters or policies. Please always address any concerns or comments directly to the office, Association President, your Area Governor, the appropriate Committee Chair, or [email protected].


  • It is not allowed to use the “WADmembers” list to address a dispute with the Association, a member, a non-member, or any business entity.


  • The use of inflammatory, derogatory, profane or vulgar language is not allowed.


  • You must not use the “WADmembers” list for endorsements of candidates for any election campaign or for any campaign posts, positive or negative, or for attacks against candidates.


  • Please do not send requests for unlawful or “questionable” services, as defined: Information about a person or entity that cannot, in all probability, be accomplished in compliance with all of the laws applicable to that activity. Examples include, but are not limited to, personal information that is contained in telephone, medical, social security, tax, and/or financial records, including banks and credit card providers, or information that requires a release by the owner of the information.


  • Do not disclose personal identifiers regarding your investigative subject.


  • Do not provide non-members –which include your staff or business associates– access to list serve messages, or allow the forwarding of list serve messages to non-members.
  • Advertisements or promotional announcements for any organization, person or business, including notices for other association meetings and/or seminars, or for your services or the services of others are NOT allowed.


  • Do not post “warning” messages that alert members of potential viruses, Trojan attacks, identity theft concerns, or other computer security issues.


  • Do not post “test” messages. If you do not receive your post in your inbox in a reasonable amount of time, please review: your Internet connection, your filter configuration and/or SCAM folder. Do all of this before you send your message again. If you cannot see it after a while do not post again but ask for help from the Executive Director‟s office or the Technology Committee.


  • No jokes or motivational messages.


  • Do not advertise items for sale by members.


  • Promotional announcements are limited to a one-time posting by new subscribers for the purpose of introducing themselves and their services. Fees/rates are not to be posted.


  • Do not challenge and/or attack other members on the “WADmembers” list. If you have a disagreement or matter for contentious debate, respond to the poster privately.


  • Do not post administrative content messages (address changes, email changes etc).


  • Do not post messages that are negative in nature to the profession, unless stating specific examples of an incident/event.


  • Do not include personal e-mails you have received from another member/individual unless you have their written permission.


  • Do not forward “WADmembers” list messages to other group lists without the permission (in writing) from the original poster.


  • Do not post “chain” e-mails, or any form of “spam”.


Violation of one or more of the above “Rules and Guidelines” may result in the immediate suspension of the member privilege to post to the “WADmembers” list. Repeated or continual violations may result in a formal complaint being filed against that member and the possible removal of the member from the “WADmembers” list. Any appeal against the removal will be heard in accordance with the bylaws, rules and regulations.


Subscribing/Unsubscribing Requests

Do not try to subscribe or unsubscribe by posting a message to the “WADmembers” list. The group list is for W.A.D. members only; therefore subscription requires the authorization of the office. Requests may be made by contacting the W.A.D. office at +1- 443-982-4586 or [email protected]. Requests will be handled during regular business hours.

Updating Your E-Mail Address / Membership Information

Do not post E-mail address or other membership information changes to the “WADmembers” list. Notify the W.A.D. office immediately with an E-mail address change.


“WADmembers” list Enforcement Procedures

First Violation: A first violation of the “Rules and Guidelines”, will result in the modification of the subscriber‟s list serve status to “read only” for 15 days and a warning issued to the member by either the Technology Committee or the Executive Director office.


Second Violation: A second violation of the “Rules and Guidelines” will result in the modification of the subscriber‟s list serve status to “read only” for 30 days.


Third Violation: A third violation of the “Rules and Guidelines” will result in the modification of the subscriber‟s list serve status to “read only” for a period of time to be determined by the Board of Directors. If the Board does not act within 60 days, the subscriber will be restored.


Serious Violation: In all instances, and notwithstanding the violation history of the subscriber, the Technology Committee or the Board of Directors may determine that the member has demonstrated a reckless and total disregard for the list serve Rules and Guidelines, which will result in the modification of the subscriber‟s list serve status to “read only.” The Board of Directors reserves the right to suspend all list serve privileges for a Serious Violation. The Board of Directors will determine the duration of the enforcement action. If the Board does not act within 60 days, the subscriber will be restored to full list serve status. The Technology Committee and the Board of Directors reserve the right to modify the operating “Rules and Guidelines” to temporarily revoke list serve privileges at any time for abusive conduct. All suspensions shall be immediate. The Board of Directors shall in accordance with policies and procedures establish violation appeals.


Violation record: Each violation will remain on the member‟s list serve violation record for a period of two membership years from the date of the violation. In the case of a Third or Serious Violation, sanctions against such violation/s require a majority vote of the Technology Committee, and/or the Board of Directors.

In the case of a member‟s successful appeal against any modification or suspension of his/her list serve privileges, restoration of those privileges shall be made on the next business day after any such successful appeal.




Statements made and opinions expressed in the “WADmembers” list do not necessarily represent the official views of the Association.                                                        Furthermore, is not responsible or liable for the accuracy of information given or statements made by members posting to the list serve.







Rev. 2021